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Hyper-Egg Antibodies compared to Blood Plasma

Kansas State University takes A Closer Look at PEDv and Feed Sources in the Swine Industry March 03, 2014
A recent outbreak of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus in Canada had officials looking at possible sources,
including porcine plasma protein, a common feed ingredient in early weaning diets.
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Orders for our Hyper-Egg Antibody products increased dramatically in the weeks after CFIA officials found the PED virus in porcine blood plasma. For cautionary reasons, many Canadian feeders quickly removed porcine blood plasma from their pig starter diets and interestingly, the frequency of new PEDv cases in Canada since then has decreased. In the meantime the United States reported 274 new cases for the week ending March 8 and a total of 4,458 barns infected. The lone PEDv case reported in Prince Edward Island used plasma, while producers in the same region using Hyper-
Egg Antibodies as an alternative are clear.

Now is a good time to take a close look at a comparison of these products.

Blood plasma is a high protein animal by-product forced into piglet starter rations at about three times the cost of comparable protein sources and usually results in higher initial feed intake and better ADG for newly weaned pigs, especially in lower health status barns. The reason for these gains are an initial taste preference baby pigs seem to have for blood and more importantly, the digestive health benefits coming from the protective globulin protein fraction in plasma. Unfortunately, the benefits of this immunity can also come with the hazards of disease transmission.

Hyper-Egg Antibodies are also a good source of immunoglobulin and specifically those protecting against E. coli bacteria common in young pigs. Hyper-Egg K88 is the first and only egg antibody product in the world registered with a government regulatory agency guaranteeing a minimum level of Antibody protection. Hyper-Egg products are also backed by U. S. patent #7713527 titled “Specific avian egg antibodies for disease prevention and improvement of growth performance.” And because they come from eggs, there is no fear of cross contamination or disease transmission to pigs.

In performance trials, Hyper-Egg Antibodies when used as directed, show equal or better results to plasma after four weeks in the nursery. Mortality caused by E. coli is reduced substantially by Hyper-Egg over blood plasma. The cost for using Hyper-Egg Antibodies with an alternative high quality protein is $0.86 per pig. The cost of using blood plasma is $0.90 per pig.

Finally, pork consumer perceptions and possible zoonotic disease potential need to be considered when making ingredient choices. Consumers eat eggs and can appreciate dried egg powder as a suitable feed ingredient. Furthermore, they wouldn’t expect to get sick from animals consuming something they readily consume themselves.

When considering an immunoglobulin source for feed biosecurity, improved piglet performance and consumer confidence choose Hyper-Egg Antibodies from
J. H. Hare & Associates Ltd.

John Hare
President, J. H. Hare & Associates Ltd.
Winnipeg, Canada,

A Closer Look at PEDv and Feed Sources in the Swine Industry

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